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Discover the historic Feather River Inn, tucked away in the snow-capped mountains of the California Sierras. Built around the turn-of-the century, this European style chalet offered visitors a vacation destination treasured as a truly unique mountain retreat. And just as it did at the-turn-of-the-century, Feather River Inn will soon reward those weary from a fast pace, or those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a few days in an unspoiled world of peace and quiet.


Currently, the Feather River Inn is undergoing an extensive renovation project that will once again return it back to its grandeur. Throughout the coming months, FEATHERRIVERINN.COM will chronicle this historic and unprecedented resurgence with photos and news articles, feature stories, photo essays, and interactive presentations.


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The Shangri-La

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The calm gentle breezes of mountain air, the cool clear waters of mountain streams, the warm sincere smile of local friends and neighbors reward weary travelers with a special place in paradise. This is the historic feeling Feather River Inn elicits, it is why the Feather River Inn is referred to as the Shangri-La of the Sierras. It is a place often written about in journals and on the backsides of postcards. A place captured on canvas and film. A treasured memory that lives on deep in one's heart.





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