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Feather River Inn

How Feather River Inn Plans to put the Grand Back Into Its Lobby


What was once known as the front entrance of the Feather River Inn will now be the back, all part of the renovation process to make the guest experience of the grand lobby even grander.

Historic images show horses hitched to posts behind the Inn. The automobile was not the major mode of transportation, and since the highway did not exist, it made sense guests entered the lobby from this direction.

The original design and layout of the Inn’s lobby is not conducive to an effortless check-in, since previous guests typically had to park in the lower parking lots, and then walk to the back of the Inn to check-in.

With the anticipation of far more guests visiting the new Lodge, issues of accessibility are at the forefront of the lobby redesign. With this in mind, owner W. Michael Schoff decided to redirect the lobby entrance to the opposite side.  “Like that of the Great American Lodges, I wanted the architects to design a grand lobby that leaves a lasting impression. I believe that architecture is a form of communication, and by reconfiguring the lobby to a front entrance, we will achieve both form and function of this most important public space,” said Schoff.

The new Lodge will feature a porte-cochère, awaiting valets and bellhops. Guests will get a true sense of arrival as they approach the New Lodge. As guests ascend to the top from the entry way through the new elevator, they will get a first glimpse of the Grand Lobby, where, as Schoff explains, “The experience begins.”

Hoping for a typical response of eyes wide open and mouth agape, the lobby will open in all directions creating what the indigenous Maidu Indians of the region call Bo-ekmen, trail breaks open. This planned design will expose the lobby, parlor and cocktail lounge to the left and grand dining room to the right.

The completion of the renovation will mark the genesis of this historic lodge. It will have come full circle from world-class resort, preparatory school, alumni camp to once again, a highly sought after vacation destination.

Contact: Patty Clawson 
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
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