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Feather River Inn

The Renovation — And Why It’s So Good for our Community


With the planned renovations of Feather River Inn by Michael Schoff and the Schomac Group comes one of Plumas County’s greatest opportunity for employment and will provide the County’s largest TOT tax generator. The Feather River Inn just might be Plumas County’s finest asset to promote tourism with regional appeal.

Even in its deteriorated state prior to the acquisition, the Feather River Inn was the county’s largest local employer in the Mohawk Valley area. When the renovations are complete, it is anticipated the work force will need to be quadrupled in order to fulfill the requirements of the upscale resort. Everything from valets, front desk assistants, greens keepers, housekeepers, food and beverage, event coordinators to upper business management will be required to operate a full service destination resort of this magnitude.

At an estimated 75% occupancy rate, which equates to approximately 16,000 room nights a season, Plumas County’s projected TOT tax estimations will skyrocket. Quite simply, this means that there will be more dollars available for local infrastructure, more jobs and more tourism dollars for all of our local businesses. Everyone will prosper. So the public good, then, truly lies in the opportunity that Michael Schoff and the Schomac Group affords us all with the renovation and preservation of the historical landmark at its existing site.

Marketing for the Inn will reach visitors from across the nation and from overseas, stimulating their curiosity to see the newly renovated historical Inn and Rainbow Events Center. The premiere event venue, the Rainbow Events Center is a restored 1915 theater complete with a grand entry lobby, fully functional stage and restored historic mezzanine level. Next to the Events Center is the main pond complete with floating wedding gazebo where guests will be able to enjoy cocktail parties set in a tranquil outdoor plaza. The plaza is embellished with a garden and fountain feature unlike anything the original owners of the Inn could have ever imagined. Tiny white lights will be hung throughout the trees, which canopy over the two huge water features. The trellises, reaching out toward the expanding lawn areas, will be covered with climbing wisteria and flowering perennials all under the back drop of the magnificent starry sky and adding to the original grandeur of the Inn.

The new Golf Facility including a redesigned Golf Course, Golf Pavilion and Golf Cottages is anticipated to open in August of 2007.Without a doubt, the brand new, and challenging, Par 3 Golf Course, together with the new Golf Cottages now under construction, will be the most anticipated attraction. The course itself, features native vegetation and active water features which incorporate seasonal natural water flow from the Bonta Creek. The design beautifully blends with the natural habitat of the indigenous wildlife. Although it is considered a par 3 course it will provide fun and excitement not only to experienced golfers but for families as well. Tuning up to play, or having tournament “fun” crowds the challenging course should appeal to just about everyone.

The premier attraction of the Golf Facility and framing the golf course on either side will be the Golf Cottages. They will feature stunning exteriors designed in a mountain chalet style. In keeping with the theme of the lodge, interiors will feature relaxed warm colors blending of natural materials of wood and stone. Beautifully appointed, the Golf Cottages will feature two bedrooms, two baths, fireplace, hardwood floors and screened in porches. It is expected that half of the Golf Cottages will be exclusively part of the Golf Facility and limited for use by golf enthusiast visiting the Feather River Inn.

The Golf Pavilion, another event venue, will have floor to ceiling windows that take in almost 360-degree views of the golf course and a 6,000 square foot tournament style putting green where golfers can host competitive tournament games. In the off-season, the Golf Pavilion will be the prime location for watching winter activities on the tubing hill and ice-skating rink. The addition of these amenities will enhance shoulder season tourism and provide locals with family wintertime activities.

With all of these meticulously planned renovations and additional property amenities, the Feather River Inn will once again be a viable resort destination and give our county an opportunity of a lifetime.

Contact: Patty Clawson 
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
(530) 836-2623


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