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History Of Feather River Inn

The Veranda

The VerandaIn the old days, the veranda, sheltered under the massive lodge pole beams, used to frame the entire front side of the lodge. Click here to read more about The Veranda.



The Boardwalk

The BoardwalkFrom its original conception, the boardwalk connected the chalets, or camps as they were referred to in the old days, to the main lodge. Click here to read more about The Boardwalk.



The Library

The LibraryEarly photographs of the Library show attendants in double-breasted jackets standing in the background, available for any request a guest might desire. Click here to read more about The Library.



The Grand Dining Room

The Grand Dining RoomWith motifs of large plumes and landscapes painted on the walls, the Feather River Inn's Grand Dining Room offered more than just a meal to its guests. Click here to read more about The Grand Dining Room.



The Rainbow Theater

The Rainbow TheatreThe Rainbow Theater was a lively place for entertainment that even featured first-run motion pictures. Click here to read more about The Rainbow Theater.



The Golf Course

The Golf CourseIn the original design, the golf course was separated with four holes to the north of the railroad tracks, while five holes were constructed on the south side. Click here to read more about The Golf Course.



The Lodge

The LodgeThe first sketch of the Feather River Inn lodge by architect Frederic C. Whitton was modest in design. Click here to read more about The Lodge.



Adventurous Days
In The Open

In the vast wilderness and solitude of the Sierras, native Maidu Indian inhabitants once occupied the beautiful land by the Feather River. Tam-say-we, the Maidu word for Feather River was once a place where wildlife thrived, many deer lurked and quail and grouse were plentiful.

Maidu BasketKnown as Maidu Indian Country, this area was home to a tribe of California Indians who were skilled in the art of basketry. This entire region extended with large numbers of well-beaten trails, connecting the different villages and hunting and fishing grounds. Trade routes sprawled throughout this territory, allowing contact with neighboring tribes.

As part of our heritage, Feather River Inn celebrates the culture of these great Maidu Indians. And as you travel upon this land, we bid you u-koy, good journey.

Welcome To The Inn

Throughout the years, Feather River Inn has achieved a few milestones. Click the icon above to view a historic timeline.


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