The Library

In the Library guests could retire, relax, enjoy a drink, catch up on the daily news, or become engrossed in a modern novel. This was an inviting place where guests could settle back in one of the many padded whicker chairs and catch up on current affairs.

Early photographs of the Library show attendants in double-breasted jackets standing in the background, available for any request a guest might desire. The Library was decorated with bright floral patterns. Floor to ceiling floral curtains hung from the French doors, and matching fabric covered the plush couches and chair pads. Soft shades of pale green accented the room with wicker chairs and china lamps. French doors opened into the vast veranda overlooking Eureka Peak. On the veranda, guests would stoll and relax outside with their cocktails and light up fine Cuban cigars.

The focal point of the room was a large stone face fireplace, always ablaze with a crackling fire. Craftsmen designed custom tables that held the latest periodicals. The Library had an amazing ambience, where sunlight streamed through the decorated and elegant windows. Soft conversation hovered through out the room as tantalizing aromas drifted from the Grand Dining Room. At 38 feet long and 51 feet wide, the Library was at one time the largest public area in the lodge.

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