The Veranda

In the old days, the veranda, sheltered under the massive lodge pole beams, used to frame the entire front side of the lodge. Endless rows of wicker chairs lined the porch as if seating was in place to view the brilliant hues of the burnt orange Sierra sunset. Fleecy warm blankets draped over the laps of guests kept them warm from the evening chill.

In 1921, a fire damaged the Inn, and with it, much of the veranda, dining room, and second floor were destroyed. As a result, the lodge was reconfigured, however, the veranda was not rebuilt to wrap around the lodge as before.

With the newly restored veranda, it will once again span the entire length of the lodge, as it did almost 100 years ago. And guests will once more enjoy conversation amidst the magnificent backdrop of the golden sun, azure blue skies and bright starry nights.

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