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Feather River Inn Timeline

The Inn Opens

In 1915, the Feather River Inn opened its three story Swiss alpine style lodge for guests to stay in either the main lodge or the Swimming Poolindividual chalets. Back then, guests could dance to the Inn’s band in the Gold Nugget Saloon and amuse themselves with amateur theater productions in the Rainbow Theater.

Vacationing at Feather River Inn required guests to adhere with a dress code. Swim suits were allowed at the Tea House near the pool however,”abbreviated play area apparel” was not allowed in the main dining room with its linen table clothes, silver cutlery and crystal. Essentially a small city within itself, Feather River Inn generated its own electricity. The Inn also raised its own cattle, operated its own dairy, ice plant and laundry facilities.


They Come From A Far

The Western Pacific Railroad was the primary route guests traveled when visiting the Inn. This mode of transportation became extremely convenient when the railroad completed its scenic route in 1909. Once the highway opened in 1937, Northern California and Reno, Nevada, became interconnected and Railroad Stationmade for an easier journey to Feather River Inn. Then in the 1950s, an airstrip was built west of the golf course to accommodate guests traveling to the Inn via airplane.

In 1969, with factors of increasing labor costs and the number of guests declining, owner Albert Favetto decided to sell the Inn. It was sold to Tom Long, founder of Long’s Drug Store and University of the Pacific Alumni. By 1970, the Feather River Preparatory School owned and operated the Inn for only seven years until the University of the Pacific took over operations.


A New Chapter Begins

The Old InnCurrently, the Shomac Group owns and operates the Feather River Inn and is in the process of restoring and renovating this Great Lodge. Guests will soon arrive at The New Inn and be rewarded with lasting memories and unique experiences found only at the historic Feather River Inn.


World Timeline

1914 World War I breaks out in Europe after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, catapulting most of Europe into a cataclysmic conflict within months.

1915 Long-distance telephone service begins between New York and San Francisco.

1919 The United States establishes Grand Canyon National Park and Acadia National Park.

1920 Prohibition goes into effect; sales of coffee, soft drinks, and ice cream floats skyrocket.

1921 Signalling the rise of the automobile, the German Avus Autobahn, the first road for motor vehicles, opens.

1926 Erwin Schrodinger determines that an electron behaves like a particle and a wave, thus extending knowledge of subatomic particles and of quantum theory.

1930 Pluto, the ninth planet, is discovered by astronomers.

1950 North Korea invades South Korea, sparking the Korean War. President Truman sends U.S. military troops as part of a United Nations effort.

1957 Inaugurating a new era in exploration, the U.S.S.R. launches Sputnik I and II, the first earth satellites.

1970 126 runners show up for the first New York Marathon and run around Central Park four times.

1977 In finance, the leveraged buyout is introduced by the firm Kolhberg Kravis Roberts.

2005 The Schomac Group purchases Feather River Inn. The rest is history.

*Historic events courtesy of The History Channel.

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